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T8 technology

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The Lumapanel is a high output, dimmable, digital DMX light fixture for film, television, stage, and motion picture production. Using 28 fluorescent light bulbs, it allows variable color temperature with low heat output and efficient power factor. ProBurger 


One Lumapanel fixture can put out as much light as a 4K HMI fresnel bounced off white foam core. At 15 amps, this UL-listed fluorescent light saves on energy without sacrificing luminance.


With adjustable color temperature and full range dimming, the Lumapanel is a 28-lamp T8 fixture operated by high-output ballasts that are flicker-free at any camera speed or shutter angle.


Lumapanels can be combined side-by-side to form a "seamless" light source, making them ideal for illuminating large scenes, blue / greenscreens, and Chromakey areas with broad, even light.


At 95 lbs with eight handles, ProBurger compatibility, and a narrow 5" profile, Lumapanels can be operated in any orientation in tight spaces with a wide range of film and TV production equipment.

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ProBurger connection point on a lumapanel
lumapanel dmx controller
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Download our equipment rental agreement form, Lumapanel DMX 47 operating manual, lighting specifications, and more.

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Rental Agreement Form

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DMX & LightWalls Info

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DMX 47 manual

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Specs Comparison

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Energy Usage

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